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August 07, 2012


Forever Love – Single

Forever Love is one of Rekonciled's strongest releases and is sure to catch the attention of all who listen. "We are dealing with a topic that affects everybody - betrayal and disppointment in each other. This is more than a Christian topic, but a relationship topic," said Redeemed of Rekonciled. The song breaks down the types of relationships that we all have, and points to the one who is greater than all, Jesus Christ. "Christ is greater than all of our relationships and all of our problems and struggles in this life. No matter who and no matter what the situation, Christ is there to heal and mend all wounds," said KT of Rekonciled. The song focuses on Christ as the one-and-only true, Forever Love. When all others fail us, Christ remains there ready to love us and will never leave us.

Song: Forever Love - Single
Album: Greater Than (dropping late 2012)
Artist: Rekonciled
Record Label: RokNice Records
Producer: Sinima Beats

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