REKONCILED exists to glorify God and spread the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Hip Hop Music. The group was formed in January of 2009 by Redeemed and KT aka Konflict, who have been friends since childhood. After years of friendship, Redeemed and KT have turned their focus and chemistry to writing relevant, hardcore, scripture-based songs to reach out to to all in hopes that God will use them to make a spiritual impact on every listener that hears their music.

We, as Christians, have been rekonciled to God through Christ Jesus. The word REKONCILED plays an important part in describing what the group is about. Although both Redeemed and KT had been close friends for years, Redeemed had aspirations of becoming a Chrsitan Rapper, while KT was pursuing a secular career in music as a Rapper, Producer, and Audio Engineer. They both remained close and grew in friendship and were never at odds as friends, but were walking in 2 different directions spiritually. In December of 2008, KT decided to start walking in a new direction and gave his life, music, and talents to Christ. Redeemed and KT experienced a spiritual rekonciliation. They were no longer at odds spiritually and together, had a hunger and fire for God to advance His kingdom through music. After meeting with Rodney Davis of RokNice Records, the plan was set in action to begin the REKONCILED era.

REKONCILED has grown exponentially as Christians and artists while recording their latest project, REKONCILED | Burnt Offerings EP. Whether you are listening to the music or watching them perform live on stage, you can sense the chemistry and presence and love for the music they are inspired to make and the God they choose to glorify.