Rekonciled Releases New Single, Til He Returns


Chrisitan Rap | Rekonciled releases their latest single, Til He Returns, for Free Download. This fresh promo single delivers a great message and great production. Rekonciled looks forward to the day Jesus Christ returns to give us new life in the promised Second Coming. Please listen and share.

Song: Til He Returns
Artist: Rekonciled
Producer: Diamond Style Productions
Label: RokNice Records
© 2013. RokNice Records. All rights reserved.

Skyfall Music Video Released


Christian Rap | Rekonciled’s latest music video, Skyfall, is now available for viewing in up to 1080p HD.

Published on Dec 11, 2012
Official Music Video for Skyfall by Rekonciled featuring Eshon Burgundy
by GoodLook Multimedia
Captured by Eshon Burgundy
Shot in Downtown Dallas, Texas
Saturday, November 17, 2012

RokDiesel Presents Skyfall by Rekonciled feat. Eshon Burgundy


Rekonciled’s latest single, Skyfall, is a Free Promo Single that takes the current hit by Adele and makes it a relevant Christian Rap smash hit! Teaming up with the skills of Producer RokDiesel and Rapper Eshon Burgundy, Rekonciled releases a sure to be hit single that not only appeals to a wide range of listeners, but screams a message that glorifies God and warns of the Second Coming of Christ. The song is free and is available for free download at, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp. Check out the lyrics and song posted below and share this with your friends!

Skyfall – Promo Single
Written by S. Hill, T. Frantz, and E. Burgundy)
Produced by RokDiesel

(Intro by Adele)
skyfall, and it crumbles, we will stand tall, face it all, together at the skyfall

it’s all vanity, everything is vanity
nothing’s everlasting, world crashing in calamity
every week we seem weaker, every day we start fading
and we wither in the wind, we wasting our generation
it’s stated we were created as adam and it was eve
they were foolishly intrigued when satan had them deceived
but nothing from then has changed we’re only doing the same
we’re chasing some satisfaction distracted by worldly things
this earth is truly insane, the media feeding us lies
that get trapped inside our brains, we’ve been materialized
wanting treasures over god, wanting pleasures over truth
atheism don’t exist, the god of your life is you
that’s what they tell us so  if you scared go to church
i was scared of myself when i dove into the word
why do bad things happen to good guys, a misconception
we’ve fumbled our lives but christ offers the interception

(Hook by Adele)
skyfall, and it crumbles, we will stand tall, face it all, together at the
skyfall, and it crumbles, we will stand tall, face it all, together at the skyfall

what if it gets deeper than you think it is
this vanity, these hedonists, these teachers, and these preachers
keeping secrets from the sheep and kin
speaking once a week but never seeking who’s elite ’til them
secrets seem to leak and peak now it’s all foolishness
look i don’t put myself above them ain’t exempt
i’m the chief of these peeps people, kansas city sin
wait, slow it down how can a citizen of the lord
love truth, yet manages to sin
the bible’s answer to this question is repent
turn the other way and wrestle with your flesh and follow him
acknowledge your a wretch without his precious loving gift
give him glory with your life, walk in light of suffering
i pray you hear this, heed the word, take notes
cause the sky will fall, he’s coming back with a host
yo i know i said fall i meant crack like notes
cause this world is not enough, james bond, double oh, oh

(Hook by Adele)
skyfall, and it crumbles, we will stand tall, face it all, together at the
skyfall, and it crumbles, we will stand tall, face it all, together at the skyfall

(Eshon Burgundy)
when the sky crack and pieces of it fall out of the air
when the thief will com in’ and he doesn’t now he’s in despair
because everything he based his life on, put a price on is gone
in a flash, like the top half of a nikon
some picture that day in disarray but it’s quite calm
cause every knee will bow and every tongue will confess the kingdom
huh but hold up, blessed is his name now, that same one he come in with today
he wears the same crown, same gown, same smile, same sword in his mouth
same vest probably dipped in his own blood, that’s true love
so you should give him what you owe him at this very moment
repent from everything and everything receive atonement
explore the covenant that’s free from the embellishments
absolute truth as it pertains to what is relevant
picture him on the throne when you picture the father boy
straighten up your back salute the general that’s honor boy

(Hook by Adele)
skyfall, and it crumbles, we will stand tall, face it all, together at the
skyfall, and it crumbles, we will stand tall, face it all, together at the skyfall
repeat ’til fade…

Skyfall contains samples from Skyfall by Adele from the Motion Picture Skyfall
Written by Adele and Paul Epworth
Produced by Paul Epworth
Features Orchestration by J.A.C. Redford
Buy the original song by Adele on iTunes today!



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Rekonciled Show Recap | Hobbs, NM


Christian Rap | This last Saturday, September 15, 2012, Rekonciled performed at King’s Gate Church for a Youth Event known as Shift Weekend! It was a great show and the city of Hobbs was invited to attend. Many showed up and enjoyed the great music and ministry of Rekonciled. There were decisions to follow Christ and many became fans. Some say it was their best show yet! Here are a few pics from the show! Enjoy!